Our Training Approach

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

- Strength

Strength training is used to develop strong muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons. One way we achieve this is by building muscle. This will also help to improve body composition leading to a toned physique. Some examples of strength training we use are lower and upper body resistance training, calisthenics/bodyweight exercises, and core work.

- Fitness development

Fitness work is important primarily to promote cardiac health and will help with increasing calorie expenditure which can lead to a lean physique with the proper nutrition. We utilise various methods of training to develop fitness, primarily high-intensity training and interval training are used. BONUS: Strength training will also help to develop muscular endurance which is an aspect of general fitness.

- Power training

Power is emerging as an indicator of life longevity, it is a characteristic of fitness that rapidly declines with age. Exercises that appear fast, agile, and powerful such as jumping, sprinting and throwing all require power. A practical example of the importance of power is if you were to trip on a sidewalk, the speed you can react and move can prevent or reduce the severity of a fall.

- Mobility/Flexibility

Mobility at Aspire Strength is viewed as an ongoing practice. We look at mobility as the ability to correctly adopt and perform all the necessary positions/exercises of training and life. This is important in order to achieve and maintain full capacity and range of motion through the various joints of the body. Flexibility is a component of mobility, but we must also account for the other factors and systems of the body that impact our ability to perform a movement. The ways we work on this are through various training exercises, self-massage techniques, and stretching techniques.


If you have any questions about our training system or are interested in starting training. Please contact us here.