Small Group Classes

In these classes we aim to develop complete fitness including building strength & muscle, improving flexibility & mobility, increasing cardio fitness & endurance, and developing power. We do this by using structured blocks of training that changes throughout the year in order to emphasise certain aspects of training and keep training fun. These classes generally have between 3-8 people and a coach coordinates each session.

We have two membership options:

- 2 Classes per week = $45 per week

- Unlimited Classes per week = $65 per week


Personal Training

If you have a specific goal, special training considerations such as injury or just prefer individualised coaching and a private environment then personal training will be your best option.

Session price = $85 per hour

Two-on-one session price = $100 per hour


Corporate Fitness

Our Corporate Group Sessions are a fantastic way to promote health & fitness within a company. We work with each client to determine what they specifically what to focus on for these sessions which can range from strength training to improve posture, mobility/flexibility work to offset desk life, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions to burn energy and improve fitness.

Group 1-5 = $120 per hour

Group 5-10 = $150 per hour


Sport Strength & Conditioning

Athletes can require specific training depending on their sporting demands, lifestyle, and training experience. This is important in order to help maximise performance and mitigate risk for any common injuries. At Aspire Strength we assess each athlete, collaborate with them, and then construct a training plan that will put them in the best position to excel at their chosen sport.

Membership price = $85 per week

This service includes:

- Weekly 1-on-1 training session

- Structured training program

- Access to the gym outside of class hours for any additional sessions

Online Training

Don't live nearby? You can still receive coaching from Aspire Strength via our Online Training platform. Our coaches use video conferencing to conduct assessments and interact with our online clients to design their training program.


Current Group Class Timetable

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