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10 easy ways to instil mobility work into your day

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18 May 2015  |  0 Comments

10 easy ways to instil mobility work into your day

1. While brushing your teeth, pop down into a squat. This is an easy way to accumulate time in the squat position which takes the hips and ankles through their full range.  

2. During training between sets of exercises that require a barbell in a squat rack such as squats or push press. Use the barbell to roll out and improve the quality of your upper back muscles and overhead position. See video.

3. While making breakfast, throw a massage ball down and roll out your neglected, tight feet.

4. TV time! Get a massage ball or a foam roller and work on your tight spots whilst catching up on your favourite TV show.

5. When sitting, try sitting crossed legged. In this position, the hips are able to create stability which helps support the pelvis and spine whilst also serving as a static stretch for the groin and outside of the hips.

6. Take turns with a friend to roll out the thighs and lower leg using the feet. To set-up, one person will lie on their back and the other person will stay standing and use their feet to apply pressure to the targeted area such as the quads or calves. This is a great technique you can perform literally anywhere with no tools. This can unglue stiff areas better than most tools. Although, please be sensible and use the rules outlined in our previous posts about mobility work. Here is a snippet of one of the elite Olympic Weightlifting schools in China using this technique.

7. The positions you spend the most time in will be the positions your body resembles. For instance, extensive sitting equals tight hip flexors and hamstrings, or hunched over texting on the phone will result in stiff muscles in the upper back and an immobile thoracic spine. By simply cultivating postural and movement awareness you can help avoid the poor movement and positional errors that may be creating orthopedic issues.

8. Start or finish the day with 10-15 minutes of targeted mobility. This is a great primer for the day or an excellent way to switch off and wind-down before bed. Go after hotspots first (sore thighs or stiff back) then look to improve positions of restriction (depth of the squat or hip position in a lunge). 

9. As mentioned earlier the body resembles the positions you spend the most time in. So if you are looking to get better at squatting, spend more time in a squat. If your bane is the overhead position try putting your arms over your head throughout the day. This simple practice can go a very long way.

10. Lastly, using a standing desk is a great way to prevent and undo the detrimental effects of sitting for extended periods. Things to consider have been covered here.

So look to throw some of these in your routine. If you are serious about improving how you feel and not settling for just the usual, try adding a few of these in your day-to-day. If you need ideas or help on what to work on or how to perform certain techniques come down to our Mobility Class (Click here for schedule) or check out our Mobility 101 post.



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